Young 27 Hybrid Bay Boat

Young 27 sets a pretty high bar in the hybrid bay boat category, blending offshore capability with shallow water performance. This 27 ft vessel showcases a unique design equipped to handle heavy seas with its ample bow flare. Its solid construction, true to Young’s custom craftsmanship, allows anglers to confidently venture offshore when targeting billfish, tuna, or snapper, but also excels in shallow waters, drafting in less than 2 ft. of water.

Versatility is a key feature of the Young 27. It possible features, include varying deck layouts, full or half tower, and optional large forward seating. This adaptability makes this boat an excellent choice for families, demanding both family and fishing combined.

As a true hybrid bay boat, there’s very few limitations as to where and how the boat will serve as it’s clear Young is building a platform for creating memorable experiences on the water. For serious offshore fishing or enjoying a day with family, the Young 27 adapts to all those needs and more in spades. It’s  safe, comfortable, and ready for the water.

In conclusion, the Young 27 is an exceptional choice for boat buyers seeking a top-tier hybrid bay boat, promising both thrilling offshore adventures and serene shallow water outings. The Young 27 truly stands out in its class but it does so at a hefty price tag.

Young 27 Hybrid Bay Boat $230,000
  • Size
  • Appearance
  • Fishing
  • Family
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Final Score

Where the Young 27 certainly has it’s place, it’s difficult to call this a true bay boat given it’s size and draft. As for price, the vessel can be found on the top end demanding over 230k!!! For that, the Young 27 becomes impractical to “the rest of us” and more like an exotic car on the water.

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