Yellowfin 24 CE Bay Boat

The Yellowfin 24 CE Bay Boat stands as a symbol of luxury in the bay boat realm. Sold factory-direct in limited quantities, it appeals to an almost elite, select-group affluent enthusiasts. The boat’s sleek design and vibrant aesthetics represent the zenith of premium quality. While its unmatched craftsmanship and performance are undeniable, its aspirational pricing will place it out of reach for many anglers worldwide. However, for those boat buyers who’ve got the coin, a Yellowfin is an unparalleled boating experience.

Practically speaking, the Yellowfin 24 is a feature-rich bay boat. From bow to stern, it offers a vast casting deck, allowing multiple anglers to fish side by side with room to spare. Measuring 24’10” with a max rating of 350HP, the Yellowfin self-bails, features a 15-degree deadrise, and drafts at just 14 inches. Performance-wise, the 24 glides through water with ease and boasts impressive speeds as well as a dry and comfortable ride. We did however, find one oddity… the Hard Top shape is how do we say this, “unique”. Also of note, the top is considerably small offering much less shade that traditional tops. Understanding that this boat is the apex of luxury, her pricing ranging at least 50k north of production bay boats, most buyers will certainly settle for a more affordable bay boat and opt to own a Yellowfin t-shirt instead.

Yellowfin 24 Bay Boat from $98,000 to $265,000
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Final Score

Top-tier luxurious and on the minds of many. If your wallet can take the outlay, the Yellowfin 24 could just very well be the best luxury bay boat for you.

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