Shearwater 26 Carolina

The Shearwater 26 Carolina Flare defines the luxury bay boat experience. This vessel is more than just a boat; it’s art on the water. Its design allows color-matched leaning posts, rod racks, and cushion accents, giving it a custom-built feel. Measuring 26’ 10” in length, it combines spacious comfort with power, handling up to 400 horsepower.

The deluxe console is a highlight, featuring 6 misting jets. The rear boasts folding seats and an in-console head, showcasing its attention to detail and passenger comforts. These features affirm the Shearwater 26 Carolina’s status as a top builder of luxury bay boats. During our review, we never had to ask which boat everyone was looking at, we were on it.

Two key features stand out: the customizable aesthetics and the powerful performance. The ability to personalize visual elements lends to a custom shop experience. Already an amazing looking bay boat, the owner-specific configurations make it very personal and easy for an owner to become a hard-core brand advocate. Performance-wise, the 400 horsepower is impressive, offering both speed and stability. Where we didn’t get to the top end of the boat’s ability, we would be surprised to learn it could reach 70 mph with the right conditions and trim.

There was one dislike. The aft platform may be overly large for some preferences. But let’s face it, most admirers of this vessel will be too captivated by its high-end looks and luxurious features to mind.

In conclusion, the Shearwater 26 Carolina Flare isn’t just about getting from point A to B; it’s about doing so in style and luxury. It’s slick, attractive, and a notch above the rest. This isn’t just marketing speak; it’s a testament to the quality and allure of this exceptional luxury bay boat.

Shearwater 26 Carolina Flare from $119,900 to $144,500
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  • Appearance
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Final Score

Saying this loudly, this is a beautiful, high-quality boat. Unfortunately, most bay boat buyers won’t be able to own this beauty as it prices out at over 144.5k.

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