Lowe 20 Bay Boat

Lowe 20 Bay Boat

The Lowe Bay 20 significantly advances aluminum bay boat design. It’s clear that Lowe has committed to building great fishing experiences. The best part, this 20-foot bay boat, is affordable for anglers, who want to easily navigates shallow waters but may not have the budget for comparable fiberglass models.

Key features include a spacious deck plan on top of a strong aluminum hull offering a light and smooth ride. For your fishing needs, the boat offers several wins which includes a 30-gallon livewell, a 16-gallon baitwell, and a MotorGuide® trolling motor. Next, the vessel has two aft jump seats that are perfect for the family.  Also, after looking through a few forums and Facebook groups, Bay 20 owners praise the boat’s quality, overall functionality, as well as Lowe’s customer service.

A few other notable features includes glove box storage, toggle switches, a wind shield, and 6 console rod lockers.  All of that combined with a manageable price means investing in fishing adventures below $32,000 which is good news for the checkbook.

Putting it all together, this bay boat that enriches time on the water. It suits both experienced and novice anglers alike, while enhancing fishing enjoyment. Overall, the Lowe Bay 20 is an ideal choice for those seeking a dependable, easy-to-handle, easy to own bay boat without the astronomical fiberglass price tag.

Lowe 20 Bay Boat from $31,900
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Final Score

If you’re financially unable to stomach a fiberglass bay boat, then the Lowe 20 Bay is an excellent alternative. This is by far one of the nicest aluminum bay boats we’ve ever reviewed.

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