G3 Bay 20 GX Tunnel

The G3 Bay 20 GX Tunnel redefines what an aluminum bay boat can be, excelling in coastal fishing capabilities. First off, its all-aluminum structure not only ensures lasting durability but also imparts a distinct aesthetic. The Tuff Coat™ spray-in liner, adorning the interior, enhances the deck and hatches, maintaining their resilience in high-traffic areas.

Among the features we saw, the integrated tackle tray storage and the ample stern livewell stood out. They’re both highly useful and accessible. The boat’s tunnel hull design, a cornerstone of G3’s innovation, delivers exceptional performance in shallow waters. On our test, the boat performed well during cruising, though it was a tad noisy due to water slap while fishing.

Beyond that, the Bay 20 GX boasts spacious bow storage and comfortable jump seats. The addition of the EZ LOADER trailer in our reviewed model simplified boat launching and loading, a significant convenience. Our verdict? The G3 Bay 20 GX Tunnel is a winner for boat buyers in the aluminum bay boat category.

G3 Bay 20 GX Tunnel from $39,999 to $45,999
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Final Score

Useful, feature packed, and affordable, we really like this boat but didn’t need all of the current market bells and whistles. As a single example, the black glass dashboard really serves no purpose. Having said that, we get the need for visual appeal, but for buyers in the realm, reduce the cost of the boat further by removing the fluff.

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