Contender 25 Bay

We recently had the opportunity to experience the Contender 25 Bay firsthand. After just a few moments onboard, Contender’s reputation for top-tier fishing boats was very clear.  The boat though short on bells and whistles had everything for the angler. It make sense, after all, Contender’s mantra is, “Born and built for the bay”. It’s well-suited for both serene offshore fishing and enjoyable inshore cruising. Customization options are abundant, ranging from a hard top and the latest electronics.

The Contender 25 Bay comes standard with forward seating in the bow and pop-up jump seats in the aft, showcasing its all-around fishing capabilities. During our time aboard, we noticed that while the deck layout is highly functional, it can feel a bit tight for a boat that measures 25 feet. This minor observation aside, it’s easy to see why Contender has such a devoted following. Many anglers swear by the Contender 25 Bay’s unique handling and ride on the water. While we can’t single-handedly confirm or refute these claims, we can attest to the pricing. For the 2023 model year, we’ve found sale prices ranging between $139,000 and $159,000.

At the end of the day, our experience with the Contender 25 Bay was memorable. We saw the brand’s wide range of features and custom details, making it at least from our vantage more for the serious anglers than the family on the water or the starter boat crowd and that’s okay.

Contender 25 Bay Boat from $109,000 to $172,500
  • Size
  • Appearance
  • Fishing
  • Family
  • Performance
  • Price

Final Score

Like all boats since the end of the COVID craze, this 25-footer is “overpriced” based on features when compared to “lesser” brands. Also, the boat’s profile slope is certainly unique but won’t appeal to everyone. Contender is not going to be a family-first brand for would-be boat buyers. Final thought: We love do love out how the Contender 25 Bay looks in the water.


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