Blue Wave 2600 Purebay

Spacious Bay Boat | Blue Wave Purebay 20600

In our review, we found the Blue Wave Purebay 2600 to be an exceptionally spacious bay boat. It measures 26’ 10” long and 9’ 1” wide, providing notable size and stability on the water. The hull incorporates double steps, which, according to Blue Wave, enhance both performance and fuel efficiency with Kevlar reinforcements under the deck improve the boat’s longevity. The 16″ shallow draft makes the Purebay 2600 versatile for both coastal fishing and offshore adventures when conditions are right.

The boat’s third-row seating, spanning its full width, stands out as a key feature. It offers a comfortable space for family outings. For anglers, this spaciousness and the efficient floor plan allow for more fishing room and easy water access around the entire boat. We learned that Blue Wave uses four stringers in the hull’s construction, double the industry standard, to strengthen the boat. Combined with a network of bulkheads throughout, this suggests the Purebay 2600 will maintain its integrity for a long time.

The fact that the 2600 Purebay can accommodate up to 450 horsepower surprised us. During our test with a Suzuki 300, we easily hit 57.3 MPH, indicating that speeds over 60 MPH are more that feasible with higher-end outboards. We look forward to hearing from owners who operate a 450 HP engine.

The Blue Wave Purebay 2600 proves to be a spacious and functional bay boat. It caters well to both families and anglers, offering ample room for various activities. This blend of features likely makes it a popular choice among its owners and an attractive option for those considering a purchase.

Blue Wave Pure Bay 2600 from $98,000 to $159,866
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Final Score

The 2600 Purebay is a perfect blend of functionality and size, making it an excellent choice for both fishing and families looking worry-free time on the water. Our only dislike is the size of the back casting deck which could make the most-spacious bay boat even more roomy. Also, we’ve heard unconfirmed rumors within the industry that Blue Wave has been sold which has lead to a decline in quality in recent years.

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